Toile Print Interiors

Interview: Victoria Harbertson Bonhomme

Interior Design, Wallpaper Design

Fish Quay, North Shields

About Toile Emporium

Toile Print Emporium is a high-quality wallpaper design and interiors company specialising in statement coverings. Indulgent and whimsical and truly unique feature walls of regionally and international themed collections Bespoke work designed individually for you, created and printed in the UK.

How has your business/organisation been affected by the Covid-19 lockdown?

Could work from home to keep the business going

What have been the biggest challenges for you during the lockdown whether logistical, financial, etc.?

Financial and manufacturing

What are the biggest challenges coming out of the lockdown?


If applicable how important has any funding (arts, government, etc.) been to keep going and was it hard to get hold of?

Zero funding

Was your type of business one of the ones that fell through the cracks in funding opportunities?


How much has support from the community been important such as people buying local, supporting crowdfunders, etc.?

Local support through social media and price discounts

Have you or are you having to adapt to new ways of working such as moving your business online or doing classes, events or seminars by Zoom or similar?

Video blog awareness

If you are using a new selling platform or platforms for products, bookings, vouchers, etc. please specify

Rebranding business to cater for a wider audience

What are the digital tools that you have you been using or are intending to use?

• Instagram
• Facebook Live