The Old Coal Yard/Northern Alchemy, Ouseburn, Newcastle

Interview: Carl Kennedy

Brewery and tap room/events venue. Carl is also one of the Suggestibles.

The Old Coal Yard

Home to Northern Alchemy Brewery, they used to open the last weekend of every month, for a proper piss-up in brewery.

Northern Alchemy

Northern Alchemy began life as a 1.5BBL microbrewery working out of a converted 30 foot shipping container, lovingly known as The Lab, sited just behind The Cumberland Arms in The Ouseburn area of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Focusing on flavour led beers that sold in keykegs, bottles (330ml) and occassionaly cask.

Run by two brothers-in-law Andy Aitchison and Carl Kennedy with an aim to explore what flavours can lend themselves to different beer styles.

Exploring everything that beer can be is our modus operandi. From the variations available in the malt profile to the incredible choices in hops from all around the world. And then there are the flavours (adjuncts) that can be added.

All Northern Alchemy beers are entirely natural products. Unfined (no ‘finings’ made from fish swim bladders and therefore suitable for vegans) & unfiltered. This means all of the flavours deliberately chosen for the beers are exactly what the customer should taste. Most of our beers will have a natural haze to them because we don’t subject our beers to these extra processes, in our opinion it’s how beer should be.