Tai Chi the Way of Life Wendy Chan

Interview: Wendy Chan

Tutor: Health wellness

Heaton, Wallsend, Newcastle upon Tyne

Tai Chi and Qigong teacher to give you a balanced lifestyle. Improve both mental and physical well being

How has your business/organisation been affected by the Covid-19 lockdown?

• Could only sell products or produce via collection
• Other (please specify):
• Unable to go to work places due to restrictions and no vaccination for the most vulnerables

What have been the biggest challenges for you during the lockdown whether logistical, financial, etc.?


What are the biggest challenges coming out of the lockdown?

Not sure when my business can return to normality

Have you had to start selling in a different way than usual for example a bar or restaurant selling beer or food online?

Yes selling my tai chi class online

If applicable how important has any funding (arts, government, etc.) been to keep going and was it hard to get hold of?

Extremely important

Was your type of business one of the ones that fell through the cracks in funding opportunities?


Have you done/are doing any crowdfunding for your business or organisation or selling gift vouchers, special products, etc.?

• Other (please specify):
• No

How much has support from the community been important such as people buying local, supporting crowdfunders, etc.?

Local students coming online is very supportive

Have you or are you having to adapt to new ways of working such as moving your business online or doing classes, events or seminars by Zoom or similar?

Online course, Zoom and Stream

If you are using a new selling platform or platforms for products, bookings, vouchers, etc. please specify

Using Zoom, YouTube channel, Facebook

What are the digital tools that you have you been using or are intending to use?

• Zoom, Microsoft Teams or similar
• YouTube
• Instagram
• Facebook Live
• Online videos course