Sammy Anne’s

Interview: Samantha Byrne

Holistic/Sports Therapist and Beauty

Whitley Bay

How has your business/organisation been affected by the Covid-19 lockdown?

• Unable to do business during the lockdown because of government restrictions
• Still sadly no date. Even though some people rely on massage for pain management/quality of life/mental health

What have been the biggest challenges for you during the lockdown whether logistical, financial, etc.?

Not knowing when we will be able to open. Trying to adjust a business that is the opposite of socially distancing is scary and worrying for the future.

What are the biggest challenges coming out of the lockdown?

Being able to catch up on backlog of clients. The fear off getting locked down again and being unable to work and have no incomings. Also worry about the impact it will have on people I work with who come for various conditions that have been suffering without treatments over this time.

Have you had to start selling in a different way than usual for example a bar or restaurant selling beer or food online?

Designed and made my own products to sell on my new website (still in the making!) But sadly a long process so should be up in next month xx

If applicable how important has any funding (arts, government, etc.) been to keep going and was it hard to get hold of?

I was incredibly lucky and got small business grant with having a premises. And my staff have been furloughed. With me being classed a sole trader I don’t get furlough. But the grant has kept the shop bills and home bills/food covered (as I’m sole earner off my household) but we only have another 2 months left before we are out. So paying for a household/shop we have had to really budget. As insurance, etc. have all been due over this period too its amazing how quickly it has disappeared so really feel for those who were in the blind spot and didn’t get grants. And pretty scared for the future hoping we can keep going without being put on lock down or closed down.

Was your type of business one of the ones that fell through the cracks in funding opportunities?

I was very lucky so no. But my poor sisters and many of my friends with not having a premises fell in the many gaps.

Have you done/are doing any crowdfunding for your business or organisation or selling gift vouchers, special products, etc.?

Gift Vouchers

How much has support from the community been important such as people buying local, supporting crowdfunders, etc.?

Clients have bought vouchers for the future which has been amazing and wonderful and really helped us to keep going and cover costs. Messages off support and check ups have been lush and made me love and appreciate my little shop and community even more.

Have you or are you having to adapt to new ways of working such as moving your business online or doing classes, events or seminars by Zoom or similar?

Sadly my business cant…But Hoping my online shop will help out.

If you are using a new selling platform or platforms for products, bookings, vouchers, etc. please specify

New website coming soon!

What are the digital tools that you have you been using or are intending to use?


Have you added new products related to Covid-19 such as masks, etc.?

Obviously for doing treatment we have done a very advanced health and safety on infection prevention control. So staff and clients can be as safe as possible.