East River PR Limited,

PR Consultancy, Marketing

Interview: Sue Reay

Toffee Factory, Ouseburn, Newcastle

East River PR Ltd specialises in outdoor equipment and food & drink public relations


How has your business/organisation been affected by the Covid-19 lockdown?

• Could work from home to keep the business going
• Toffee Factory has never closed, so as long as only one person in the office at a time. It has been difficult as no couriers able to deliver or pick up until now. No mail is being sent out

What have been the biggest challenges for you during the lockdown whether logistical, financial, etc.?

East River is dependent on its clients and we have adapted budgets accordingly. No travelling, face to face meetings have been a challenge but TEAMS and Zoom have saved the day

What are the biggest challenges coming out of the lockdown?

Getting used to all the new rules around Toffee Factory and staying as safe as possible – it’s a new way of life now!

If applicable how important has any funding (arts, government, etc.) been to keep going and was it hard to get hold of?

We did not need any funding

Have you done/are doing any crowdfunding for your business or organisation or selling gift vouchers, special products, etc.?

• No

Have you or are you having to adapt to new ways of working such as moving your business online or doing classes, events or seminars by Zoom or similar?

Yes – everything is digital now, from online meetings, conferences, even virtual showrooms to showcase new launches to the media

What are the digital tools that you have you been using or are intending to use?

• Zoom, Microsoft Teams or similar