Stepney Bank Stables, Ouseburn

Interview: Denise Wilson

Inner city riding school and youth development project

Since this video interview was recorded as we were coming out of the lockdown Denise has done an update below of how things are going now.

Interview Update from Denise

‘After being closed for nearly 4 months the Stables re-opened in July. We’ve adapted the way we work to conform to Govt guidelines – for us this means smaller and fewer groups for riding. This obviously has had an impact on our capacity to earn; until March 90% of our costs were paid for by earned income. We are now working at 2/3 capacity however our work is labour intensive and many of our costs are fixed therefore we haven’t seen a reduction in expenditure. We are fortunate that we were well supported through the crisis and can continue. We cannot predict what may happen in the coming months but for now we are taking every opportunity to diversify and adapt our work to ensure the stables remains open- providing a unique learning opportunity for local young people.’

About Stepney Bank Stables

Stepney Bank stables has been situated in the Ouseburn Valley for over 20 years, their project can be accessed by any young person, however, they focus on those who are lacking in opportunity and living in areas of deprivation. Over the years the Stables have provided a safe place for thousands of young people to volunteer, have fun, make friends and develop essential life and social skills which enable them to transition positively into adult hood.