Heatopia Ltd

Interview: Charlotte Paterson

Holiday let apartment

Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne

How has your business/organisation been affected by the Covid-19 lockdown?

Unable to do business during the lockdown because of government restrictions

What are the biggest challenges coming out of the lockdown?

Attracting guests again. No bookings so far despite apparent popularity of Staycations. Heatopia Apartment advertises Heaton and Ouseburn as a unique destination full of local independent bars, cafes, venues and arts, so depends on these returning to business.

I am also very concerned that I meet all of the Covid-19 guidelines to ensure the safety of my guests, which has meant some compromises on my commitment to environmental sustainability.

Have you had to start selling in a different way than usual for example a bar or restaurant selling beer or food online?

I have done some long term letting to people unable to return to their own home during lockdown (including two stranded Chinese students whose flight home was cancelled).

If applicable how important has any funding (arts, government, etc.) been to keep going and was it hard to get hold of?

Not applicable.

Was your type of business one of the ones that fell through the cracks in funding opportunities?

Yes, but thankfully a long term let covered the bills and I have also had a part time job during this time that I could do from home.

Have you done/are doing any crowdfunding for your business or organisation or selling gift vouchers, special products, etc.?