About Isolate Innovate


Isolate Innovate is a research project between Northumbria University and Multiminded Digital.

Isolate Innovate shines the light on one particular area of the North East of England, the Ouseburn, and examines how the small business population (from music venues to restaurants, cultural organisations, charities and self employed (artists and makers) are being forced to adapt because of Covid-19 and reinvent their businesses and practices to survive.

What are the main challenges? Financial? Logistical? The uncertainty of being unable to plan when everything is changing so fast? How far will the businesses have to go to reinvent themselves?  Are they turning to online and digital tools to keep things going?  How difficult will it be to find new ways of working?

How important is support from the community and buying local?

Although the main focus is on the Ouseburn area Isolate Innovate is also featuring some interviews from businesses, organisations and the self employed from outside of the Ouseburn area.  Multiminded Digital are based in the Ouseburn themselves.